Leadership Team

Meet the VirtualUW Project Leadership Team. If you have any questions for the Leads, feel free to contact us!

Ryan Wenzel

Project Manager

Minecraft name: EnderCat8

LinkedIn: Link

Ryan is a UW-Madison alum ('21) who studied business (Marketing, Operations Management, and Supply Chain Management) and got a certificate in computer science. Ryan founded the project in March 2020 in order to create a virtual community for everyone who could no longer be on campus in-person due to the COVID-19 pandemic (learn more here). Ryan serves as the primary contact for the project and works to keep everything organized and running smoothly.

Chris Bravata

Lead Developer

Minecraft name: Apolytero

Chris is a freshman at UW-Milwaukee studying Design & Visual Communications, with plans to transfer to UW-Madison for the Spring 2021 semester. Chris has played on many Minecraft servers since middle school and has a lot of building and development experience, including managing super-builds like a Minecraft Survival Games map. Chris helps builders in-game and monitors the project Discord. Chris is also working on building his favorite campus spot, Memorial Union.

LinkedIn: Link

Matt Ciolkosz

Lead Developer

Minecraft name: unixadmin

Matt is a UW-Madison alum ('18) who studied Computer Science. Matt has extensive experience serving on Minecraft server staff teams and developing plugins. Matt leads our developer initiatives for improving the server and making sure all the technical stuff is as optimized and efficient as possible. In addition, Matt serves as an administrator on Cubeville, a family friendly survival Minecraft server.

Now Recruiting

Attention builders, there are still openings on the Lead Team. Are you interested in stepping up and helping with the project even more? If you would like to learn more, please direct message Ryan on the project Discord!